The Oil Boutique specializes in Men's and Women's favorite pure fragrance oils.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship to all countries outside the United States that are listed on our menu on the shipping page. There are 2 different options and they are Standard First Class shipping which is $15.00 per order or Priority Mail which is $28.00 per order.

Do you ever have any sales or offer discounts?
Yes we do. We highly recommend that you sign up for our newsletter and occasionally we will send you our different sales or discounts.  Please look at the bottom of this page and leave us your email address. You will be instantly added to our newsletter subscriber list.

Where is your store actually located?

The Oil Boutique official store is operated entirely through this website and there is no actual storefront.

Where can I order Pure Krush?
You can order Pure Krush on our website either by selecting "Pure Krush" at our "Shop" link or by selecting "Pheromone Oils".

How Can I Sign Up For Your Newsletter?
Please look at the bottom of this page and leave us your email address and you will be instantly added to our subscriber list. As a subscriber to our newsletter we will keep you updated with the latest additions to our store as well as send you any specials and savings coupons we have available. Please feel free to share our website with as many of your friends as possible.